Stag And Hen

Whinfell Forest Center Parcs near Penrith, 11th-14th May 2007.

So the big weekend has been and gone now. We had an absolutely fantastic time up at Whinfell Forest.

We'd both like to thank everyone who was able to make it up there for coming along and making the weekend a wonderfully fun and memorable time.

Dave nicely set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Special thanks to him for making it up all the way from Hampshire. It was great to see you again and you'll be missed on the wedding day, but hope you raise a glass to us while your living the high life at Le Mans.

We're amazed Vicky managed to get these 5 cheeky monkeys to sit still long enough to get a photo.

The whole gang - starting from the left - Dave, Kim, Mand, Mike, Dean, Clare (hiding), Andy, Wendy, Josie, Vicky and Buster.

Dave, Buster (nice hat!) and Dean very much enjoying the hospitality at the cocktail bar.

Clare and Vicky, probably taken a little later in the evening.

Vicky and Buster (between the two instructors). Probably the most brave pair of the group. I'd have a had a go myself but was under strict instructions not to attempt anything which may result in broken limbs, what with it being so close to the wedding day (that's my excuse anyway). Notice how very calm they both appear at this point.

Vicky and Buster up a really high pole. (Insert your own amusing caption here)

Fabulously brave - and our two weren't bad either.

Vicky has the first leap. What you can't quite see from this is exactly how far off the ground she was, and how wobbley the pole was. She did eventually let go of the bar.

Not to be out done, Buster also does a fantastic leap. Followed by a surprisingly rapid descent.

Our little area of Whinfell forest. The scenary throughout the park was lovely.

One of the cute stars of the forest. It was fabulous to be able to get so close to the little guys as they seemed perfectly at ease with the crowds of excited watchers.

Josie with Bob the Harris' Hawk. This pic was taken on the great hawk walk around part of the park. The red squirel from the previous shot made himself pretty scarce once this guy came out to play.

I've done this once before with a kestrel, but that was a very long time ago. It was fantastic to be able to get this close to such a beautiful bird.

The Hags all conquering pub quiz team, despite a serious attempt to cheat by a competing team of slightly merry ladies. Celbrating the best way possible with a glass of pop, a donut and cookies. Who'd have thought this motley crew would turn out to be the most intelligent bunch in the whole of Center Parcs - that weekend - in the Lakeside Inn - who had little better to do than take part in the pub quiz, and weren't too drunk to understand most of the questions.

Special thanks to Dean and Vicky for the extra photos and videos.