Single White Rose

Our Day

We are so looking forward to seeing all our friends and family to celebrate with us on our wedding day. There will, however, be some of our most loved and dearest family missing from our celebration. They will always be in our hearts and minds and we will be thinking of them on the day. Speeches are always hard but even harder to mention those we have loved and lost so the music for our ceremony will be dedicated to the memory of our departed loved ones.

Sylvia Brown - Michael's Mum. A wonderful, warm and loving mother who I think would have found the day so very exciting. She long suffered my slightly loud variations on music, so I hope she'd approve of at least some of our choices for the day. I know that she'd have loved meeting Mand, and her family, so I hope that they can see part of her through me and my loving sister, Joanna. She is very much missed by all who knew her and thoughts of her are always in my heart.

Ellen Robinson - Michael's Grandma. I remember many happy summer days, up at the farm, popping in to see her and getting a drink and a biscuit. Then going out to explore the coutryside and all it's wildlife. She always, without fail, had a cheering word and a loving smile to give me and other visitors. And I'm so proud to be part of her family.

Peter Fishburn - Michael's Uncle and godfather. A wonderful uncle to have in our family as I grew up. I always looked forward to visiting and being visited by him with Aunty Marian and Ian (and not just because he'd bring a bottle of pop back from the pub). Of all the things I remember, I remember the joy and laughter that always followed where he went. I'm certain Bryan and him would have been swapping tales from the pub for the whole evening.

Nora Anne Lill - Amanda's Grandmother. So very much loved and very much missed. I know she would of loved Michael so very much and it saddens me that she never met him. She would of been so pleased to be a part of the day. She is always in my heart.

John Cumberland - Amanda's lovely Uncle. We will miss his cheery laugh, jokes and stories. Our disco will be missing the sound of his 'Yee-has' and we will miss his dear company. So glad Michael had chance to meet him, a gentle and loving man.

June Catling - Amanda's Aunt. She always loved to be involved in the family parties and I know she would of insisted on making our wedding cake and it would of been wonderful, always remember spending hours of my childhood baking with Auntie June, I loved it!. I will miss her on the day, she is always in my thoughts.