Gift List

For a slight change to the traditional gift list we are proposing to put any gifts of money towards selected parts of our honeymoon to New York. So if anyone kindly wants to do this we’ve included links here to a whizzy new tinternet thingy (or PayPal as its better known).

There is also the option to add a honeymoon aspect of your own choosing, and of course the more usual wedding gift list, hosted by Amazon.

Trip to Central Park Zoo 15.00
Visit the Rockefeller Center 20.00
Romantic evening meal for two 15.00
Night at a comedy club 15.00
Seafood dinner for two 25.00
Dinner by candlelight views of the skyline 50.00
Boat trip around Manhattan Island 40.00
Visit to arts and culture museum 5.00
Jazz club and meal for two 60.00
Picnic in Central Park 10.00
Manhattan Cocktails 15.00
Contribution to Cost of stay per night 25.00
Contribution to Cost of stay per night 30.00
Wine 17.00
Champagne 25.00
Or something of your own choosing:

Or, if you would prefer to give us a more conventional gift, we have listed a few items on The link for the list is below...