Wedding Party

We would like to use this space to thank in advance many people for their input into our wedding and introduce some of the wedding party...

The Bride - Amanda Susan Ellwood. Amanda was born and grew up in York.  She spent some time in her childhood on St Vincent in the West Indies and is delighted that some of her family from there will be at the wedding. Amanda is lucky enough to own a wedding shop so that will help with the wedding budget! She also loves old costume jewellery so there may be some "Bling" at the wedding.

The Groom - Michael James Brown. Michael was born and grew up in Northallerton and Brompton. He is a fantastic computer programmer which comes in handy when Amanda crashes the computer. He loves his music and playing his guitar so we may have a few strange music choices in the wedding at some point.

The Best Man - Dean Mearis - Mike and Dean became friends at University and shared a house for 11 years before Dean finally got rid of Mikie to Amanda. Dean has been and continues to be a fantastic friend without whom this day may not have even happened. Given his great wit and comedy timing his best man speech is bound to be one of the highlights of the day.

The Bridesmaid - Christina Ellwood age 14 - Christina is Amanda's beautiful niece and daughter of Nigel and Clare. Hopefully she will not decide to turn "goth" before the wedding and want to wear black make-up, dye her hair purple and wear Dr Martin boots!

The flower girl - Miss Megan Wright aged 8 in June 07 - The lovely daughter of Amanda's best friend Louise Wallace. Louise and Amanda have been friends since school at age 14 (wow thats twenty years how time has flown). She will make a fabulous and most beautiful Bridesmaid, and I know she is very excited.

Father of the Bride - Bryan David Ellwood - I am sure he is thinking.. giving Amanda away at last (tee hee). Talk about fishing and you wont shut him up! I am very proud of my dad and look forward to his speech.

The Usher - Peter Ellwood - age 12 - Amanda's cheeky nephew and son of Nigel and Clare. He is perfect for the job as he is always so helpful and caring I know he will do us proud.

Mother of the Bride - Janet Sinclair Ellwood - Mum has worked so very hard to make this the "Wedding of the Century!" All she does and has done makes me so proud of her. We cannot thank her enough.

Father of the Groom - Anthony Brown - Me dad has been very helpful and supportive with the planning of the wedding. We both hope that the day itself wil be most enjoyable for him.

Bunny of the Couple - We cannot of course miss off Starsky .. we did think about him as a ring bearer but knew he would either run off or chew the dress ... so don't think he will be at the wedding but he wouldn't forgive us if we missed him off the pics!